Chapter 6 Running the MSE

We have now covered the two main components of the MSE: the Operating Model (OM) and the Management Procedures (MPs). To run a MSE we need to specify the OM and the set of MPs that we wish to test.

Here we will create an OM from the built-in objects and choose 2 MPs of each type to test in our demonstration MSE.

6.1 Specify an Operating Model

First, we will construct the OM using a different set of built-in Stock, Fleet, Obs, and Imp objects:

myOM <- new("OM", Albacore, DecE_Dom, Imprecise_Unbiased, Overages)

6.2 Choose the Management Procedures

Next, we’ll select 8 MPs to test in our MSE:

myMPs <- c('AvC', 'Itarget1', 'matlenlim', 'ITe10',
           'AvC_MLL', 'Itarget1_MPA', 'FMSYref', 'NFref')

##             MP      Type         Recs
## 1    matlenlim     Input           SL
## 2        ITe10     Input          TAE
## 3      AvC_MLL     Mixed      TAC, SL
## 4 Itarget1_MPA     Mixed TAC, Spatial
## 5          AvC    Output          TAC
## 6     Itarget1    Output          TAC
## 7      FMSYref Reference          TAC
## 8        NFref Reference          TAC

See Determining Feasible and Available Management Procedures for information on how to identify management procedures that are potentially suitable for your fishery.

6.3 Run the MSE

Now that we have specified an OM and chosen a set of management procedures we are ready to run the MSE:

myMSE <- runMSE(OM=myOM, MPs=myMPs)

This may take a minute or two to run. We have now conducted a Management Strategy Evaluation for our fishery described in the Operating Model with 8 Management Procedures. Next we will evaluate whether the model has converged and then look at the MSE results.